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Signia Pure Charge is a small 312 battery hearing aid and runs on Signia’s Nx platform. Using Own Voice Processing (OVP) the Signia Motion Nx range can reduce the volume of the user’s making it sound more natural, independent of other voices and sounds in the listening environment.

Signia Pure operates a e 3D Classifier which adjusts the hearing aids automatically to the user’s environment using information on whether the user is moving or static, talking or listening and levels of background noise.

Ultra HD e2e processing allows all the microphone to communicate and stream data to each other allowing the aids to focus on the speech in loud environments, spatial awareness to improve sound localisation and high levels of background noise control.

Signia Pure has an extended dynamic range to a 113dB which allows for a clear sound in loud environments without distortion.

Mfi (made for iPhone) technology and compatible with the Signia myControlApp.

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Release Date

OverviewPure 7NxPure 5Nx
OVP (open voice processing) PremiumPremium
3D Classifier PremiumAdvanced
Sound Clarity PremiumAdvanced
Signal processing / Gain & MPO 48/2032/16
Hearing Programs 66
HD Spatial YesYes
Extended Dynamic Range YesYes
Extended Bandwidth YesNo
EchoShield YesNo
HD Music 31
eWindScreen binaural YesYes
eWindScreen YesYes
Speech and Noise Management 75
Sound Smoothing 33
Directional speech enhancement 31
Sound Quality PremiumAdvanced
Automictic Directionality YesYes
Adaptive Directionality YesYes
Narrow Directionality YesYes
Spatial Speech Focus YesYes
Speech Focus YesYes
Binaural OneMic Directionality YesYes
Twin Phone YesYes
Wireless CROS/BICROS YesYes
Frequency Compression YesYes
Made for iPhone YesYes
myControl app (iOS and Android) PremiumPremium
StreamLine TV accessory YesYes
StreamLine MIC accessory YesYes
Tinnitus Technology YesYes
StreamLine TV YesYes
SteamLine Mic YesYes