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Oticon Ruby 2 R

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  • Manufacturer: Oticon
  • Release Date: 2020
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5 year warranty Included.

 Oticon is the largest hearing aid manufacturer based in Denmark. Oticon is part of the William Dermont Group which includes hearing aid manufacturer Bernafon.

Oticon New (2020) Ruby Range operate on the Velox chip and have full Bluetooth capabilities.

Oticon position the Ruby range in their essential (budget) range and is an update to Oticon’s Siya Range of hearing aids.

The Oticon Ruby 2 R is a mid-range rechargeable model designed for user with moderately active lifestyles who are also looking for great value.

Oticon Ruby 2 R has a replaceable lithium ion battery will give a full day of use – 30 minutes of charge will allow for 6 hours of wear time. Charging is contact free through induction – Ruby R is one of the best rechargeable products for users with dexterity or eyesight problems.

Though positioned as essential Oticon Ruby contains a number of advanced features to improve speech in noise are fast and responsive and contain good noise reduction technology.

The Ruby contains a new SuperShield feedback management system which prevents whistling before it occurs.

The Oticon On App allows the user to control and adjust their Oticon hearing aids.
The App also allows the user to connect their hearing aids to other devices using the (IFTTT) protocol. For example, a user could get a notification in their hearing aids when the doorbell rings or a text message could be sent to carer when the user turns on their hearing aids.

Oticon Ruby has made for iPhone (MFi) technology built in, meaning you can take calls or stream music direct from an iPhone. For Android and other Bluetooth devices, an Oticon Connect Clip is required.

Oticon Ruby has 2 technology levels in the range Ruby 1 and Ruby 2. Full features and a comparison can be found on our product pages.

Oticon Ruby 2 MiniRite R – (RIC) A rechargeable hearing aid using a lithium ion battery. The Oticon charger uses contact free induction to charge the hearing aids. The device includes a telecoil and multifunction button for volume, programme change and mute. It can be configurated for mild to severe hearing losses.

Non rechargeable styles in Ruby range:

Oticon Ruby 2 MiniRite – (RIC) This discrete device runs with a 312 battery. The device has a multi-function button that can be used for volume control, programme change and a mute. For volume you need a pair of hearing aids, the right aid button will increase volume the left hearing aid button will decrease. The hearing aid can be configured to treat mild to severe hearing losses.

Oticon Ruby 2 MiniRite T – (RIC) Incorporating a telecoil and slightly larger multi-function button allowing for programme change, mute and also allows the user to increase and decrease volume from one hearing aid. It uses a 312 battery and can treat mild to severe hearing losses.

Oticon Ruby 2 BTE – (BTE) For moderate to severe losses this device uses a size 13 battery has a telecoil and a multifunction button for volume, programme change and mute.

Oticon Ruby 2 Plus Power BTE –  For severe to profound losses this device uses a size 13 battery has a telecoil and a multifunction button for volume, programme change and mute.


A number of accessories are available with Oticon Ruby hearing aids:

Oticon Connect Clip – Will pair with most Bluetooth enabled devices and allows for direct streaming from mobile phones, tablets and PCs. You can also listen to people from a distance with its built-in remote microphone.

TV Adaptor 3.0 – Plugs into your TV and will stream stereo sound direct to your hearing aids.

Remote Control 3.0 – Simple remote to change hearing aid volume or program.

Sennheiser BTD800 Bluetooth dongle – Plugs into a USB port (PC) and will allow a wireless audio link to the Connect Clip.


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Price Includes Charger



Works With Mobile

Release Date

Price for two 2 year Warranty

Cost to extend to 5 year warranty one aid

Cost to extend to 5 year warranty two aids

New Product

Speech Understanding

  • Noise Reduction LX
  • Multiband Adaptive Directionality LX
  • Single Compression LX
  • Speech Rescue LX

Sound Quality

  • Fitting Bandwidth
    8 KHz
  • Processing Channels
  • Bass Boots (streaming)

Listening Comfort

  • Transient Noise Management
  • SuperShield
  • Yes
  • Wind Noise Management

Personalisation & Optimising Fitting

  • Fitting Bands
  • Adaption Management
  • Listening Programs
  • Multiple Directionality Options

Connecting to the World

  • Stereo Streaming (2.4 GHz)
  • Made for iphone
  • Oticon On App
  • Connect Clip
  • Remote Control 3.0
  • TV Adapter 3.0