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Bernafon Alpha


Bernafon Alpha is the first rechargeable hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™. Similar to a hybrid car, it unifies two outstanding technologies to perform best in different listening environments. Focus on improved speech understanding and listening comfort. Alpha grants the best sound without compromise.

Bernafon Alpha:
• ‌ Power for a full day of use
• ‌ Superior quality and well-balanced music
• ‌ Stay connected with Bluetooth connectivity

Bernafon’s most popular hearing aid style provides power for a full day of use including sound streaming. It is discreet and sits comfortably behind your ear. The lithium-ion batteries charge quickly with one of two chargers.

  • The robust plug & play charger is the easy-to-use solution to recharge your hearing aids at home.
  • The portable Charger Plus has a power bank for three full charges of two hearing aids and is the perfect option for convenient charging away from home.

Bernafon Viron

Simply closer to reality

Viron 9 hearing aids offer premium technology for the most challenging listening situations. Bernafon’s first True Environment Processing hearing aid lets users immerse themselves in the natural sound environment and experience sound which is simply closer to reality.


Together with your hearing care professional, choose the style that best matches your hearing loss and cosmetic preferences. Depending on your individual hearing needs, your lifestlye, and budget, there are five different performance categories that we can offer to you.

With advanced performance categories, we provide more options and adjustable settings to cater to challenging listening situations.

Bernafon Leox


Leox is the first True Environment Processing™ Super Power | Ultra Power hearing aid for severe and profound hearing losses. Equipped with exceptional amplification power and a strong feature set, it offers sound perception that is as close to reality as possible.

  • Focus on conversations. Leox improves speech understanding significantly.
  • Focus on being in command. Leox provides the sound amplification for it.
  • Focus on more flexibility. Leox comes with the latest wireless connectivity technology.
Bernafon LeoxBernafon Leox
Direct - Android/iOS

Bernafon Zerena



Advanced features in Zerena hearing aids deliver impressive sound quality. Sounds are amplified naturally and accurately with the focus on speech in noisy environments. The perfect choice for people who are looking for hearing aids that increase speech understanding in challenging listening situations, are easy to use, and provide a high level of listening comfort.

If you think hearing aids change the way you look, think again. In-the-ear hearing aids from Bernafon are worn so deep in the ear canal they are invisible to the unsuspecting eye. And to add to the discretion, they come in a diverse palette of colours to match your skin tone.

Bernafon ZerenaBernafon ZerenaBernafon ZerenaBernafon ZerenaBernafon ZerenaBernafon Zerena
Direct - Android/iOS