Choosing a hearing aid

Signs of a hearing loss

The signs of an age-associated hearing loss generally develop gradually. The most common signs of a hearing loss are turning the TV up more than others feel is comfortable, saying pardon a lot and asking for people to repeat what they have said, feeling as though people mumble or do not speak clearly enough, finding conversations in social situations with background noise difficult, mishearing what people say or getting words mixed up. If you have any of these signs – getting a hearing test is a good idea.

How can hearing aids help

A hearing test will verify whether hearing aids are required or not. Hearing aids help to make speech both louder and clearer. Hearing aids help you enjoy social situations and join in with the conversation. By clarifying the sound, you will no longer miss-hear when watching your favorite TV programs. Modern hearing aid technology has progressed a long way – they are discreet, comfortable to wear and easy to manage.

Do you struggle to hear in these situations?

  • Do you turn the TV up more than your family would like?
  • Do you find conversations hard to follow in a restaurant that is busy?
  • Do you find yourself nodding along in group conversations not really knowing what is being said?

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    Choosing the right hearing aid

    To get the right aid for you, we will take into consideration your lifestyle needs and test results. You will have a choice on the how the hearing aid looks – so you will feel confident and comfortable wearing them. Hearing technology is available to suit all budgets. We will explain your options and give you time to decide which is best for you. All of our aids come with a 60-day full money back guarantee.

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      Hearing aid styles

      ITE - In the Ear



      ITEs are hearing aids which sit inside your ear. They are created bespoke to your ear shape and size, and are nearly invisible

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      RIC - Receiver in Canal



      RIC’s are a popular style of hearing aids, smaller and more discreet than standard BTE models but can still house a variety of features.

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      BTE - Behind the Ear



      BTE hearing aids are suitable for more severe hearing losses. They are a little bigger as they need more power.

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      Hearing aid functionality

      Automation. Control. Connectivity.

      A programmable digital hearing aid is set to a prescription which is calculated from your hearing test results. People with hearing loss often cannot hear the soft and moderate sounds of speech clearly. Hearing aids make soft sounds audible again, moderate sounds moderately loud, and loud sounds loud but not uncomfortably loud.

      Hearing aids use sophisticated technology to achieve this. On our webiste, you can find information on the features the manufacturers use to achieve hearing clarity, even in complex, noisy environments.

      Most new hearing aids are now Bluetooth compatible. This means your hearing aids can communicate and stream from your mobile phone. Your mobile phone can also work as a remote control allowing you to adjust your hearing aids.

      Hearing aids have automated functions which allow you to simply put the hearing aids on, and get on with your day, without fussing over controls and settings.  They can detect when you encounter very loud background sounds and automatically adjust the volume.  The technology continually monitors your environment and automatically adjusts to make the listening experience as clear and comfortable as possible.

      For those users who like to have control over their aid settings, smartphone applications allow users to manually adjust their devices. This may include; setting your own volume, tone, noise reduction, clarity, and comfort.  You can save your preferred settings and load them as you wish.

      Bluetooth connectivity has been added, which allows the aids to be connected to devices such as phones, computers, tablets, television, radio, and stereos.  The sound is then streamed directly to your aids at prescription levels – meaning you hear them much more clearly.

      Your audiologist can help find the right solution for you.

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      Sound Hearing offer FREE, no obligation home hearing tests with our trusted, qualified Audiologists.

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