Who is Sound Hearing?

Sound Hearing is a hearing care company that works in London and the South East.

Our aim is to make the purchase of hearing aids and audiology services easy to understand and transparent.

Our experience has taught us that to have a happy Sound Hearing Aid customer we need to get the following ingredients correct:

          A style/size of hearing aid you will be confident to wear and that you can manage.

          A level of technology that meets your listening needs

          A price that is within your budget

During the consultation we will explain and collectively agree the ingredients. This is the mix needed to make a great recipe 😊.  

Which style of aid and level of technology should I buy?

We provide all the hearing aids and styles you can possibly imagine. Once you have chosen which style suits you, Sound Hearing can help you decide which technology goes inside the device.

Nearly all hearing aids are now automatic. What this means is that the hearing aid will adjust itself depending on the listening environment. When in a quiet room like your lounge at home talking to one or two people the hearing aid will find it quite easy to identify the speech and correctly amplify to your personal needs. However now you go to a restaurant where music is playing and lots of people are talking. In this environment the hearing aid will find it much harder to identify and amplify the speech from the person you want to hear. It is how your hearing aid performs in environments like this that separate an entry level from a top-level hearing aid.

Most research and development from the hearing aid manufacturers goes into trying to improve the user’s ability to hear speech in noisy social environments.

Hearing Aid Technology

If you are technophobe do not be put off when we talk about technology – as technology improves it generally means the more automatic the hearing aid, the less you have to do – phew and skip the next paragraph.

If you are use to and enjoy using a smartphone then hearing aids can now talk to your phone/tablets via an app and give you amazing control. Not only can you stream calls and music you can make adjustments to your hearing aid yourself and then save them to the specific location you are in. You can even contact your audiologist directly via the app who can also make adjustments to your hearing aids in real time.

The level of technology you choose will depend on your degree of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe) and also your ability to understand speech in noise. An audiologist can perform a speech in noise test to assess this – some people are just better at hearing in noise than others. Your lifestyle is another factor, if you are rarely in noisy environments you may feel top level technology is unnecessary and entry or middle level technology is sufficient. Your budget is of course another important factor.

An audiologist will help you make this decision and offer you a range of options that match your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget.